Personal Stories of Genetic Testing

“I was told I was not a candidate
for genetic testing.”

Breast Cancer (PALB2 & ATM)

“I am grateful to know that the
genetic mutation stopped with me!”

Lynch Syndrome

“I was just 9 years old when I learned
that my mother has Huntington’s.”

Huntington’s Disease

“My BRCA2 gene started the fight,
but I am going to finish it!”

BRCA2 Previvor

“How My Apple Watch Saved My Life”
Breast Cancer (BRCA2)

“I am 1 in 250 – are you?”
Dilated Cardiomyopathy

“Early detection and genetic
testing saved my life!”

Ovarian Cancer (BRCA1)

“Inoperable Stage IV lung cancer
was not part of my plan.”

Non-small cell lung cancer (ALK)