Genetic Testing Providers

This chart highlights coverage by some of the leading genetic testing labs of the most commonly requested clinical areas of testing (e.g., testing for gene mutations associated with cancer, cardiovascular disease and neurodevelopmental disorders). It also highlights their genetic counseling requirements, types of testing offered, lab certifications, insurance acceptance and availability of financial assistance.

It is noteworthy that genetic testing has become much more affordable in the last few years, resulting in lowering the barriers to access genetic testing. Links are provided to the websites for the genetic testing labs highlighted in this chart, where genetic testing prices are found to begin at $250 by clinical area by one or more of the labs. Also note that if a genetic mutation is identified as a result of the test, some labs offer follow-up family variant testing for first-degree relatives either free of charge or at a reduced cost. Some form of financial assistance is also available by most of these genetic testing labs.

1Up to 5 free tests of family members if panel test performed by Blueprint Genetics.
2$50 per family member if test identifying gene mutation was performed by Color Genetics.
3Insurance accepted for hereditary cancer, in-clinic only testing; patient self pay for other testing.
4Free if test identifying gene mutation was performed by Fulgent Genetics.
5Free if test identifying gene mutation was performed by GeneDX.
6Proactive tests can be ordered without a physician or genetics counselor, and will be reviewed by an independent physician and approved as appropriate.    Diagnostic tests must be ordered by either a physician or genetics provider, but can be ordered through telemedicine.
7Free if diagnostic test identifying gene mutation was performed by Invitae.  Free testing not available where gene mutation was identified by proactive testing.
8Free if test identifying gene mutation was performed by Prevention Genetics.
9Payment plan available.
ALSO NOTE:  Prevention Genetics offers DNA banking.