Find a Genetic Counselor

The National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC) sponsors a website dedicated specifically to questions about genetic counseling and genetic counselors at:

The NSGC answers:

  • What is a genetic counselor?
  • How can a genetic counselor help me?
  • What should I expect when seeing a genetic counselor?
  • How do I find a genetic counselor?
  • How much does genetic counseling cost?
  • Have more questions about genetic counseling?

By clicking on the “How do I find a genetic counselor?” tab, you can select how you would prefer to meet with a genetic counselor:

  • Searches of the “In Person” directory will show genetic counselors who meet patients in a designated location and in person.  Searches can be limited to a given location.
  • Searches of the “Via Telehealth” directory will show genetic counselors who meet with patients via phone, video conferencing and other virtual methods.

The NSGC Find A Counselor directory is not a referral service but rather a service to provide an up-to-date list of over 3,300 genetic counselors in the United States and Canada who are NSGC members.  My Faulty Gene and NSGC make no representation or warranty about the professional skills of those genetic counselors listed in the directory, nor do My Faulty Gene or NSGC accept or assume any responsibility for the services they provide.