Application for Assistance

Thank you for your interest in My Faulty Gene’s Assistance Program. Our goal is to help you access the diagnostic genetic testing services you need, because knowing your risks empowers you to make informed decisions regarding your health.

Whether you are seeking more information about genetic testing or you are having a difficult time accessing genetic testing and/or genetic counseling for financial reasons, we stand ready to help. Perhaps you are insured but your insurance company has denied coverage for genetic counseling and/or diagnostic genetic testing and you need assistance with an appeal to your insurance company. Or maybe you need assistance with a co-pay, with genetic counseling, or you are uninsured and without financial resources to pay for the testing out-of-pocket.

As a non-profit organization dependent on donations and grants, our policy is to first attempt to match you with a patient assistance program through one of the genetic testing companies listed on our website. If assistance is unavailable in one of their programs and you meet our assistance guidelines, My Faulty Gene will provide a grant in an amount not to exceed $250 for diagnostic genetic testing and $125 for genetic counseling which amounts cover many published costs for these services. All grants are awarded by My Faulty Gene on a first come, first served basis and are distributed directly to the service provider until funds are depleted.

In order for us to understand your needs, please complete the Application for Assistance below and submit it to us, together with a completed Risk Assessment.

Once we receive your completed Application for Assistance and completed Risk Assessment, you will receive a follow-up from us sent to the email address provided in your Application. If you need additional assistance, please call us at 903-747-2687 or 844-307-8444.